Cleansing Bracelets

You may be wondering what are Cleansing bracelets? How do they work? 

Cleansing Bracelets & Anything spirtually is the easiest way to get rid of negative energy, using resources such as cleansing sprays, sages, smudging sticks, incense & plenty more!

What are these methods? How do they work? Cleansing sprays typical contains essential oils, herbs & crystals that are believed to have cleansing properties. Sprays i would recommend is crystal cleansing sprays, you can even make them yourself at home. 

Sages/Smudging & incenses sticks all have different meanings and cultures. For starters Sages are a method that can be used to heal/cleanse a person, a specific space, item or a group of people. Sage is drived leaves of the sage plant, when burned, sage releases a smoke that is belived to cleanse the energy of a space or object.

incense sticks is a bit different then sages, people often use incense sticks during meditation, to help relax and simply enjoy the scent. It is used to enhance the energy and properties of crystals of the certain scent. For example, lavender incense can be used to relax and calm the body and mind.

CAUTION : When using sage make sure to have open windows or doors while the smoke releases. Be mindful of smoke alarms, make sure to be present and focused on the smoke, Use fire safe containers to prevent a fire, keep water near by to use after done smudging.